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The Best Cooler Made

Frigid Rigid Products are designed to keep contents cold for days in any type of environment. Our ice chests are built with superior insulation, airtight lids, weatherproof materials, and are tough enough for heavy commercial use.

Frigid Rigid is the only fiberglass cooler made in the USA. Our ice chests are built to withstand years of rugged, outdoor exposure and are unaffected by sun or salt spray. Many companies have sought to imitate the original Frigid Rigid cooler, however Frigid Rigid remains solidly at the top of our industry in performance, reliability, durability, quality of materials and workmanship.

Our reputation as “The last cooler you will ever buy!” is all substance, no hype. Order your Frigid Rigid Ice Chest today!


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Can your cooler hold ice for 10 days? Just when you thought something couldn't be improved, Frigid Rigid has done it again with an awesome Tackle Center Cooler. Options include custom colors and a bac...

So maybe you've been wondering what has happened to Frigid Rigid for the past 5 months. Call it hibernation or was it that we've been so busy that well, Facebook just got left behind to fend for itself... Fortunately, that is not the case for the coolers as you can see in these pictures! Always coming up with new ways to make an awesome cooler more awesome like adding a Gas Shock to help hold the lid open in those rolling waters we've been dealing with this windy winter season in SW FL. Another option is to add a removable divider to make two separate compartments. And to add to the wow factor,this customer had some cushions made to match the rest of his boat. You know these are not JUST coolers...they are part of the boat... Just a little more to think about... ... See MoreSee Less

If there was ever any question about the quality of our coolers we ask you this question. How many other coolers out there get picked up in a limo? First class coolers for first class people! ... See MoreSee Less

Eddie is at it again adding yet another custom option to an already awesome product! It's not just your run of the mill non skid but this time it comes with a fossil-like imprint of a Tarpon giving the cooler a brand new look!.This was made special for Ray Van Horn who, like many of you this weekend, is heading for one of his favorite fishing spots over the Labor Day weekend. But as every good fisherman knows, you don't give away your best fishing holes and I'm not about to give away his BUT seeing that rig that he's driving, it will be a little hard to sneak away unnoticed! Have a wonderful and safe weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

The Tackle Center Cooler...its' a classic. You may not have thought we could improve on such an amazing product but it has been done! Check out the pictures and see what we mean! Better yet...order one, put it on your boat, go catch dinner and share some pictures with us. Or if you prefer, share your dinner with us (we never turn down food here) Happy weekend! ... See MoreSee Less